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Rubbee X installation guide & FAQ’s


The Rubbee X is the easiest E-Bike conversion kit on the market to install and does not require a mechanic. 

Attach the lock mechanism onto the seat tube of your bicycle using the provided hex key. Once installed, the Rubbee X can be inserted and removed in seconds. Take a look at the video on this page. 

There’s also a small wireless cadence sensor that must be attached to your pedal crank arm before the first ride. But don’t worry – no wires or magnets go to or from it, just two cable ties to secure it and you’re good to go!

The Rubbee X is controlled by an easy to install PAS (Pedal Assist Sensor), sometimes called a wireless cadence sensor. Once the sensor is mounted on the bicycle pedal crank arm, it provides information about when and how fast the person is pedalling. Combining this information with the speed of the entire vehicle (Rubbee tracks the vehicle speed using the motor as a speed sensor) Rubbee can control the amount of power independently without any user interference. 

When you are pedalling, the Rubbee X provides power. When you stop pedalling, the Rubbee X stops providing power and starts freewheeling. Simple! It’s like your leg movements become an ON/OFF button. When a hill is encountered and your speed is decreasing but the pedalling rate increases, Rubbee enables a higher power output. High speed and slow pedalling will have an opposite effect – a lower assistance level will be selected. Rubbee X makes these calculations and power modulations multiple times a second.

The power level can be controlled via the main button. Just press it to cycle through different power modes. ECO / CRUISE / POWER modes are available depending on how many batteries are installed. ECO is available with 1 installed module, CRUISE with 2 modules and POWER mode becomes available when all 3 battery modules are installed. These modes can also be changed via the smartphone application.

The Rubbee X adds additional wear to the tyre but it is very slight. We cast the rollers from a specially developed polyurethane compound mix which guarantees the best contact between the tyre and the roller. This compound also provides phenomenal grip in wet conditions. We tested roller materials for thousands of kilometers (literally!) on the same tyre without drastic wear & tear. In any case it is generally recommended to change bicycle tyres every 2000-3000 km, so we recommend following this rule. 

Cool fact – our roller material is also used in high-end sports cars suspensions!

Yes, the Rubbee X is street legal.

It follows the EN15194 e-bike regulations. It has a rated power of 250 W, a top speed of 25 km/h and it requires a PAS sensor to operate. The Rubbee X does not require a license or number plate on the bike to operate. Just hop on and you are ready to go!

The Rubbee can safely be used on public roads under Australian and New Zealand regulations. You should always check your specific country or states regulations.

Yes! You can change from one bike to another in just a matter of seconds.

You can purchase a Second Bike Kit and install it on the other bike. It includes a sensor and the lock mechanism.

One Rubbee X = two (or more) bikes!

Yes, it does! When the pedals are turned backwards for half a revolution, regenerative braking mode is enabled. When a long downhill section is encountered the regenerative braking can recharge the batteries. Normal operation is resumed once the pedals are turned forward.

The base model Rubbee X comes with 1 battery module installed. If you want more range, speed and power, you can install more batteries, up to 3 modules in total.

Additional batteries increase the torque and range of the Rubbee X . With all 3 modules installed the POWER mode becomes available. This mode is only for off-road and private roads since it exceeds power and speed limits of EU / AU regulations.

To install extra batteries 6 screws need to be removed from the bottom of the device and new batteries inserted. After installing new battery modules and replacing the screws, the whole device must be plugged in to do a complete recharge.

You can buy a Rubbee X right here on the New Zealand Website. We Ship Rubbee’s throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. If you are based out side this region, go to www.rubbee.com to purchase.

The Rubbee X E-bike converter comes with the motor unit including 1 battery unit, wireless cadence sensor, NZ/AU charger, mounting hardware, and user manual.

Additional batteries can be purchased and will be installed and shipped together with your Rubbee X.


With 1 or 2 batteries, the Rubbee X can assist with speeds up to 25 km/h on the open road, this is the legal limit for E-bikes in many countries.

Installing 3 batteries will increase the speed to 32 km/h for off road or private road use.

The Rubbee X can be switched onto cargo mode in the App. This increases the torque to carry heavier loads. This should only be used when carrying baggage or passengers.

Cargo mode can be engaged with 1, 2 or 3 batteries installed.

In most cases, it does not slip. There are 3 key reasons why.

  • Electronic anti-slip control. If slipping is detected, the motor torque modulates similar to how ABS works in a car.
  • Active suppression system. Rubbee X is pushed onto the tyre not only by its own weight, but also with a 200N pneumatic cylinder.
  • Special roller. Both material, shape and surface texture of the roller is optimised for increasing grip in all weather conditions.

In wet weather you may get some slipping, but the Rubbee X still functions very well.

Yes, the Rubbee X can assist with riding up hills by providing extra power to the rear wheel based on the speed in which you pedal. So you are still exerting energy riding up the hill but it is significantly less.

The weight limit for a Rubbee X is 120 kg (264 lbs).

The Rubbee X is designed for use on paved roads and bike paths, but it can handle some light off-road terrain. Gravel and dirt are fine as the Rubbee X is waterproof, but bumpy terrain may cause the Rubbee X to spring back up into the locked position. It requires a bit of force to do this, similar to the jolt caused by jumping off a curb onto the road.

The Rubbee X is not designed for use on sandy beaches as sand can damage the motor and electronics.

Regenerative braking converts some of the energy from braking into electrical current to recharge the batteries. To engage Regen braking using the Rubbee X, you simply pedal backwards while coasting. This will slow you down. You can also adjust the level of brake power in the app.


The cadence unit can go on either pedal arm, on the inside or the outside, but the “R” logo must always be facing the right when looking from the riding position.

Firstly, you must ensure the seat post is securely attached to your bicycle, you don’t want any movement in the bike frame or the torque of the Rubbee X in action may spin the seat post in the bike frame.

Securely tighten the 4 bolts on the clamp to your seat post as shown in the instruction manual.

When attaching your Rubbee X to the clamp, be sure you hear the click noise of the quick release mechanism attaching correctly before you ride your bike.

Always check the attachment prior to riding your bike.


The Rubbee X does not require any mechanical maintenance.

The pressure of the strut that holds it on to the rear tyre can become stiff over time. You can put a drop of lubricant on the small moving parts of the strut to make it easier to engage and release.

Be sure to clean any debris out of the roller after use.

Store your Rubbee X in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Remove the battery pack if you are not using it for an extended period.

You can clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use abrasive cleaners or high-pressure water as this could damage the motor and electronics.



To connect to the Rubbee App, you will need to download the app onto your smartphone and follow the instructions to connect to the app via Bluetooth.

The Rubbee App is a mobile application that allows you to control and customise the settings of your Rubbee X E-bike conversion kit. It is NOT necessary to use the app, you can simply turn the Rubbee X on manually and ride your bike without the App.

Yes, Units purchased from this website come with a standard NZ/AU wall plug.

Rubbee X chargers are designed to work with the standard electrical outlets in most countries, but you may need a plug adapter to use it in some locations.

Yes, you will need to charge the Rubbee X battery pack before using it for the first time.

1 – 3 hours depending how many batteries you have installed.

The number of batteries installed determines the amount of power and range that the Rubbee X  E-bike conversion kit provides.

One battery is suitable for shorter commutes and provides up to 16 km of range, the top speed is 25km/h.

Two batteries provides up to km 32 km of range, the top speed is 25km/h.

Three batteries provides up to 48 km of range, the top speed is 32km/h.

The more batteries a Rubbee X has, the more powerful the motor will be and the longer it will last between charges. Ultimately, the number of batteries you choose will depend on how far you plan to ride and how much assistance you need.

The Rubbee battery is under 100 Wh which is many cases is allowed to be taken on board passenger airlines. Every airline is different so you must be sure that you have confirmed with the airline own policies and taken all precautionary measures to ensure batteries are being transported safely.

The Rubbee X is water-resistant and can handle light to medium rain, but it should not be submerged in water. You will notice some slipping and squeaking on the trye, but the Rubbee X will still provide considerable assistance due to the compound used in the friction roller.


Maybe your cadence unit is out of batteries. You can replace the CR2032 battery in your cadence unit easily. Simply take it off the pedal arm, unscrew the two screws using the provided hex key and carefully replace the battery. Try not to touch the microchip inside. Tighten the screws back up and fix the cadence back onto your pedal arm.

The batteries will usually last about 6 months.

You need to connect the app while the unit is charging to enable the updates. Once connected the app will prompt you to update the unit.

The moving parts of the pneumatic cylinder that push’s the Rubbee X onto the rear tyre can become stiff over time. You can put a drop of lubricant on the small moving parts of the pneumatic cylinder to make it easier to engage and release.

When you first turn the Rubbee X on, it takes moment for the wireless sensor to register. While stationary, try pedalling backwards and wait for the Rubbee X to connect. You will hear a beep and the rear light will flash blue for a second to signal the connection.



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