Warranty Conditions

  • Warranty begins at date of purchase.
  • Your Rubbee X cannot be on sold with warranty.
  • Warranty applies to first owner only.
  • Rubbee X is covered with warranty for 12 months. This covers all mechanical and electrical parts except normal wear and tear items such as plastic parts and wear to drive wheel.
  • The Warranty does not cover cosmetic damage to the Rubbee X housing like scuff makes, tyre marks and so on.
  • The Battery modules also covered for 12 months.


Warranty will not be valid

  • If Rubbee Kit is used carelessly resulting in damage from other vehicles or objects.
  • If the Rubbee X is used for commercial use.
  • If any of the Rubbee Kit parts such as motor, controller, battery etc. are tampered with without first consulting Rubbee NZ Ltd.
  • All modifications on the Rubbee Kits, unless approved and authorized by Rubbee NZ will automatically invalidate the warranties.
  • Warranty is only valid when genuine parts offered by Rubbee NZ are used.
  • Warranty will not extend to cover any additional costs or compensation that has been incurred through rider negligence involving other parties.
  • Rubbee NZ Ltd will reserve the right to use its own sole discretion on what is due to defective parts or what is due to negligence and misuse.

Safety Conditions

On arrival of your new Rubbee Kit please check all electrical connections, nuts and bolts are firm and tight. Please be mindful that these Rubbee Kits can gather a good speed once mounted on bikes, so always be safety conscious by wearing bike helmet and protective clothing to reduce any risk of injury.

Freight Conditions on Warranty Issues

Warranty provided is a RTB (Return to Bass) warranty. Supplier will pay return freight to customer. Should a minor problem occur involving a simple fix, Rubbee NZ will provide any needed assistance by communication with owner to carrier out repair. Any parts that are defective within the warranty period will be sent to the owner freight free.

Labour Rates for Repairs

Any labour on repairs outside the warranty cover will be charged at a rate of $80 per hour.

Customer Courtesy Condition

In the event of warranty replacement of faulty product on any Kit, Rubbee NZ may provide a replacement Kit while repairs are taking place. This will be subject to demonstrator models being available at the time.


These Rubbee Kits are not intended to be used by individuals with physical limitations that could prevent the users from operating them in a safe manner. Rubbee NZ disclaims all responsibility for any personal injury or property damage, which may occur because of improper or unsafe use of its products.

Credit Card Payments

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