We bought the Rubbee X for my wife to use as she has
trouble with her knees (We are both over 70 years
young). We also enjoy travelling in our Motorhome and riding the bike trails, mounting our bikes on the rear rack. As the Rubbee X is easily removed it does not add to the considerable weight that an “E-Bike has. It can be stored and charged inside the vehicle out of sight of the “light fingered brigade”. The Rubbee X can easily be swapped between our two bikes if she wants to put her feet up and I can use it. When we are riding together…! and she has the Rubbee X, I get a good workout trying to keep up with her. The concept of the Rubbee X works very well for us.

-Graeme, Canterbury New Zealand

The Rubbee X was easily installed. It required a small adapter to be made which was rapidly produced and delivered to me by the Rubbee team. Riding my bike now is still great exercise, but now more fun and I am happy to go a lot farther on rides. Everyone is impressed by the clean design. It was a long wait on Kickstarter and worth all the time to get such a great product.

-David, USA

I got this kit from Indiegogo as I really want an electric bike system that can be removed from normal bike easily. Rubbee drive has done a brilliant job and it doesn’t add much weight to my Brompton too. Really enjoy it so far!

-Pat, UK

The Rubbee X is an impressive device and concept but one that requires all 3 battery modules to really shine. The power and range are enough to satisfy, coupled with the convenience of compactness, ease of mounting and unmounting makes for an all-round well engineered and fun to use product.

-Alan, Poland