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We sent down a few Rubbee’s to Wellington for the Consumer team to try out and got an amazing review. Sounds like the team had a great time sharing them around the office. The demo units were down there for about a month as the team didn’t want to send them back! 😅

Check out the Consumer review on the Rubbee here: 

“The absolute easiest, fastest way to add power to your favourite bike.”

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“Rubbee X Could Be the Most Affordable and Easy-To-Use E-Bike Conversion Kit Ever.”

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Sara, Auckland – 2023

After a long time not riding bicycles, I got a bike and added the Rubbee to get used to riding so fast again. It was a great tool to gain confidence and get back into a sport I now love again.

Chis & Sharon – 2023

We have a motorhome which is already set up with our bikes for summer holidays.

By purchasing 2 Rubbee’s we can keep the existing set up and electrify our bikes for longer rides. We can store the Rubbee’s safely inside and not worry about our bikes locked to the back of the motorhome when we are away.

Also, the bikes are pretty light so we can lift them up once the Rubbee is removed. It’s the perfect solution for us!

Stephen, Wellington  

The Rubbee X has made my morning commute more enjoyable.

The system is very easy to use and much cheaper than an eBike. Also, I get to keep using my beloved older bike.
The Rubbee comes off easily, so I can take it off and carry it into work, or shops. This means my inexpensive (but cool) bike is safe outside with my basic lock.
I’m very happy with the product and use it often.

Gui, Hawke’s Bay – 2022

I tried the Rubbee on multiple bikes and found it very easy to use. I also took it into the office so other people could try it, Now there are a few of us who own them and use them on our bikes!

Riding in Queenstown - August 2023